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On Tuesday we signed a one year lease for a 3 bedroom apartment in Oakland, just over the border from Berkeley. It's in a quiet neighborhood but still very close to the university and good places to go out. It's a split-level and we get the 2nd and 3rd floor with a spiral staircase connecting them. The top floor is one big room that we're going to use as part living room, part office and part guestroom. It has a nice backyard and I'm hoping to start a small vegetable/herb garden in the Spring.

We spent most of today making trips to Target, Ikea and Trader Joe's to get all the things you need when you get a new apartment. We're excited to finally have the chance to use some of the wedding gifts we'd received almost a year and a half ago. Megan's busy finding places throughout the apartment where our stuff will live. Sanna and David will be here tomorrow to see the place and bring us some things they were holding on to for us. We'll get some photos posted soon so you all can see the place too.




Moose said:

Congrats guys, glad to see things are working out.

Good luck
Moose from Chihuahua Mexico

Henni said:

Ich freu mich irrsinnig für euch und wünsch' euch einen guten Einstand!
Bussi, Henni

aly said:

The new place sounds just wonderful. Congratulations! :)

Setting up a new place can be kind of overwhelming, but at the same time it's fun making it home.

Send us your new address when you get a chance!

Tinney said:

Congratulations on the new pad. Sounds like you're busy nesting! Can't wait to see the pictures!
Miss you all,

Can't wait to see the place, neighbors :D psyched you guys are here...

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