A Mexican Wedding

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Well, it's been almost two months since we've written anything here. I guess the best remedy for that is to sit down and write. Luckily we have something interesting (and travel related) to write about:

This coming Tuesday we'll be flying to Cancun, Mexico for Scott and Charlotte's wedding! Megan and I are very excited for them. Neither of us have ever been to Mexico so we're looking forward to taking advantage of the sight-seeing opportunities. I want to do a bit of research regarding the area of Cancun and its history and the things other travelers recommend doing. I'll probably visit some of the websites we used when planning our round-the-world trip: BootsnAll, Lonely Planet and Rough Guides.

I've been harboring a not-so-secret desire to get a new digital camera since the small preview screen in ours stopped working. The one I like best for performance, style and price is the Canon S2 IS. It's the same one our friend Aly uses. I explained to Megan that being able to take decent photos at Scott and Charlotte's wedding was the perfect reason to go buy a new one. I thought I had a good chance of convincing her until she reminded me of why our current camera first stopped working. When we were on the beach in Ghana I put the camera into my pocket which happened to be full of sand. That little mistake meant we wouldn't have a working camera until we reach South Africa and cost us $200 in repairs. Considering Charlotte and Scott are getting married on an island the chances of something sand-related happening to a new camera are probably pretty good.

I won't make any promises that we'll post updates while we're in Mexcio but I will do my best to post something when we get back. Good luck to Charlotte and Scott with the last minute preparations. See you soon!



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Lutwama James said:

Hi Megan&michael,

The reception at Cancun is quite interesting. Were you in heaven or under seas? Am seeing a picture seeming to be of that of Megan and on her face with miraculous glittering sparkling lights. What was that? Is she Megan? In the next flame. Gentleman with black spectacles holding a huge black camera. Is he Michael? Pliz, kindly save my eyes. Have I sported the right ones?
You were very selective in eating. How was tacos and sipping pina coladas?
A hammock-resting corner is great even to me. You will find one at Arcadia on your return to Uganda some day.
The fresh banana juice prepared for you did havoc. How is the taste chocolate-banana shake compared?
Wishing a good memorable time at Isla Mujeres,


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