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I can't believe it'll be 6 weeks since we've moved in to our new place in Oakland. Time is seriously flying by. I'm sure it has a lot to do with how busy we've been during the week and over the past few weekends. Two weeks ago we had our official Housewarming Party (nicknamed a "Birthwarming Party" because we were celebrating Alexa and Megan's birthdays - both in February - and our housewarming). It was a lot of fun and provided us with the impetus to (almost) finish decorating the place.

This past weekend we officially celebrated Megan's birthday and David and Sanna came down from Harbin to spend the weekend with us. On Saturday Megan and I went into San Francisco and had lunch at Cafe Gratitude, a vegan and raw food restaurant. It was one of the best vegetarian meals I think we've ever had. And the place had a great vibe to it with friendly staff.

Alexa's really busy with studying and teaching at Berkeley and Megan's working 3 jobs: developing curriculum for a charter school in Brooklyn, tutoring students through an after-school program, and was just hired today to start working 20 hours a week at Trader Joe's! I've been doing lots of web design and development work for green businesses since getting out here.

I promise we'll get photos of our new place online soon (while it's still able to be considered "new"). We hope all our friends and family are well.




Henni said:

Super, wieder einmal etwas von euch zu lesen! Ist ja toll, dass ihr ├╝berhaupt zum Schreiben kommt bei dem, was ihr alles zu tun habt - alles Gute weiterhin!
Bussi, Henni
P.S.: Ich durfte schon gestern, 2 Tage nach der Venenoperation wieder heimgehen!

Papa said:

You left out the most important piece of information about Megan's new job, Michael: Is there an employee discount benefit at Trader Joe's that family can mooch on?

Love, Papa

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