The Hunt

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We spent the last few days looking for apartments in the Berkeley/Oakland area. There are quite a few on the market and Craig's List has been our main means of sorting through them. We also used Google Maps to see how close each candidate is to downtown, UC Berkeley and good restaurants and cafes.

We found one place in particular that stood out among the rest (see photo). We weren't able to go inside and take a good look around because the stairs were falling apart and there was a "No Trespassing" sign posted on the boarded up window. Plus it didn't look like anybody was home anyway. Well, if we don't get this one we'll have to just keep on looking.




aly said:

Nice place! ;)

Have you seen It's a cool mash-up of craigslist and Google Maps. You might also want to check out Oodle, which does a similar thing but pulls from a larger pool of listings.

Henni said:

Seid ihr sicher, dass ihr euch so eine Luxus-Villa leisten k├Ânnt??????
Bussi, Henni

Papa said:

Very funny. Now we have the latest version of the not ready for prime time players! I don't think I'll show this one to Grandma. Even though she'll get the joke, it might instigate nightmares that you actually wind up in a place like that in a neighborhood that is appropriate. Good luck as you continue "the hunt"."
How go the California history studies, Megan?
Love, Papa.

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