Family, Friends and Familiar Places

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After visiting the McAra clan in Michigan and Rob and Aly in D.C, Michael and I are now at the Brandt House in western Massachusetts, where we got married two years ago. It's great to be back here, it always feels like home, just nicer. It's still pretty much the same here, with some nice little improvements like new furniture in the sun room, luxurious carpeting on the stairs and more great artwork throughout. They've also gotten rid of the tennis court out back and are converting it into a zen garden space with a gazebo-type structure.

We drove over to Amherst yesterday to walk around campus and get a burrito at Bueno y Sano. We stopped by the International Programs Office and luckily JoAnn was there so we got to talk to her a bit. JoAnn was super helpful and inspriring to both of us back when we were planning our study abroad trips to Siena, London, Freiburg and Heidelberg. Unfortunately, the university has cut just about all of the IPO's money, which means they now have to charge students more.

We're off to the cape this afternoon--Dave and Dawn are getting married on Sunday! Can't wait to see everyone, should be lots of fun!



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Charlotte said:

I've been so out of the whole blog world recently -- I miss it. I should get back into it. Anyway, I randomly checked your blog and was jealous that you guys got to hang out in Amherst! I have such good memories of college days. Anyway, off to Washington state in a few hours to celebrate Karen's marriage/union! I should plan a trip to the Bay Area soon, I miss you guys. Okay gotta run. Ciao.

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